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Impact of Locum Tenens on Physician Recruiting Industry on Display at ASPR Annual Conference

Dallas, Texas – May 1, 2018– The National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations® (NALTO®) recently exhibited at the Association of Staff Physician Recruiters (ASPR) Annual Conference in Chicago, IL.

ASPR is the leading organization for in-house physician recruiting professionals, over 600 of which were in attendance at last week’s event to discuss current issues being faced throughout the industry.

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National Locum Tenens Week, August 13 – 17, 2018, Brought to you by NALTO®

Thank you to everyone who made our first-ever National Locum Tenens Week a success last year. According to our survey, over 80% of healthcare staffing companies recognized the inaugural promotion. The feedback we received told us to keep it simple for companies to get involved again in 2018, offer the marketing toolkit earlier and with minimal changes to its assets.

With that in mind, here’s a quick update on what to expect from NALTO® for this year’s promotion, restate our purpose and communicate the valuable opportunity that lies in promoting our industry together.

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Ensuring continuity of care during a physician vacancy - (Physicians Practice)

Having a physician vacancy is not a viable option for today’s medical practices, yet many practices find themselves short-staffed and are suffering the consequences.

Last year, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) offered new research on the physician shortage, which is now projected to reach as high as 120,000 doctors by the year 2030. This ongoing disparity between supply and demand continues to drive the cycle of physician turnover.

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Small town doctor, big time impact - (Physicians Practice)

Rural America often seems to reflect the deficiencies of our healthcare system in the most profound way. Even though it represents a much smaller portion of the population than urban and suburban areas, it signifies the front lines of many of the issues we face today.

Those who live in remote regions of the country are statistically more disadvantaged than those in metropolitan areas, both socioeconomically and with respect to access to healthcare services. Rural communities are challenged by lower incomes, less access to technology, and higher levels of poverty. It’s an older population, and they’re more reliant on social services than those living in urban centers. It’s also the segment of the population that needs us most yet receives the least amount of medical resources.

The number of physicians per 10,000 people is 13 to 31, rural versus urban, according to the National Rural Health Association. They continue to lack coverage and, even for those who have coverage, they often live hours from the appropriate care they require. What’s astounding is the shortage of specialists when comparing rural to urban communities. The discrepancy is a shocking 30 specialists in remote areas to 263 available to metropolitan areas per 100,000 people.

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National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations® (NALTO®) Leads Healthcare Staffing Industry in Annual Celebration of National Locum Tenens Week

Dallas, Texas – August 13, 2018 – The National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations® (NALTO®) is leading healthcare staffing firms this week in the annual celebration of National Locum Tenens Week, recognizing locum tenens physicians for their ongoing contributions in meeting our nation’s healthcare needs.

“We’re proud to lead our industry again in acknowledging those physicians who devote themselves to practicing locum tenens and show our appreciation for their dedication in serving patients throughout our communities,” says Stacey Stanley, NALTO® President.

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The Impact of Locum Tenens - (Physicians Practice)

Last August, the National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations (NALTO) celebrated the first-ever National Locum Tenens Week. The healthcare staffing industry is doing so again this week, and it’s an opportunity to thank locum tenens providers for their dedication to serving millions of patients at medical facilities every day in this country.

As many as 50,000 doctors, more than 5 percent of the physician workforce, practice medicine as a locum tenens doctor in more than 90 percent of our healthcare facilities to provide care for an estimated 7.5 million Americans every year, according to a recent report.

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