James Heil

Board Member
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 214-442-4212

James Heil joined The Delta Companies in May 2006 and is currently a Regional Vice President of Delta Locum Tenens. As the RVP, James is responsible for the overall operational and strategic initiatives for the East Region. James started with The Delta Companies as a recruiter and has since held numerous leadership positions.
Preceding The Delta Companies, James was a top performing marketer with Staff Care. Prior to entering the staffing industry, James held positions as a sales and training manager for Blanks, a sublimation printing company as well as several other sales positions. Prior to getting into sales, James was with the USMCR in Virginia Beach from 1989-1992.
James is the father of four wonderful kids, three grandkids and is the lucky husband to Janet. They reside in Aurora, TX.