5 Stress Relieving Tips for Healthcare Recruiters

The healthcare field is growing rapidly. The demands on all facets of the industry have increased with this marked growth. Full-time physicians and advanced practitioners, as well as Locum Tenens professionals, are providing great benefits to patients and healthcare facilities across the United States. Arranging these unions between providers and facilities, however, is left in the expert hands of healthcare recruiters. While this position can be exciting, fulfilling, and lucrative, it also has the potential for burnout. Fortunately, healthcare recruiters have the ability to manage their stressors, using a few simple techniques.

The Stressors of Healthcare Recruiting

Every recruiter knows the term “KPI.” Recruiters know that they must meet or exceed these standards in order to become successful in their field. While this challenge can be exciting and can incite healthy competition, it can also be quite stressful. Often, this means making countless phone calls, managing client needs, and creating harmonious provider/facility matches, among other necessary duties.

If daily work stress is allowed to mount, it can lead to negative mental and physical effects that can cause ill health, both in the short and long term. While every job presents its own particular stressors, the daily pressure associated with healthcare recruiting can take its toll.

How to Manage Stress in the Healthcare Recruiting Field

If you are a healthcare recruiter who is looking to reduce stress, while also improving performance, use the following techniques:

1. Focus on Your Health: Often, it seems that taking time to take care of yourself is put on the back burner. Between work and home obligations, it may seem that there is little to no time for doctor’s appointments, healthy eating habits, or an exercise routine. Putting yourself last, however, will only become a detriment in the long run. Healthy habits, such as daily exercise will help you relieve stress. Making sure you visit the doctor regularly will also help prevent potential illnesses before they become a problem.

2. Gain Peace of Mind: Meditation is associated with countless benefits. Taking just a few moments in-between tasks to focus on the present will ensure that you remain grounded. It can also help you separate your duties so you can fully focus your attention, instead of performing one task while thinking about the next.

3. Ask for Help: Don’t be afraid to get insight from senior members of your recruiting firm, or even other fellow recruiters. If you are presented with an issue, don’t waste time reinventing the wheel. Instead, if help is required, go straight to the source. Also, if you think you could benefit from a particular training or seminar, discuss your options with your supervisors. Additionally, many firms even use a mentor system, if you are provided with such an individual, consider them a valuable resource.

4. Promote a Positive Culture: In a competitive environment it’s easy to forget the big picture and the value that lies in supporting your team. Do your part in creating a positive culture that’s committed to one goal, and in return you’ll get the extra support needed to achieve your own goals as well.

5. Organize your Workspace and your Tasks: A cluttered desk or office can lead to a cluttered mind. Take a few minutes each day to organize the physical space around you. Once that is complete, make sure you spend time prioritizing your tasks. Making lists is an easy way to make sure you are completing your goals. Crossing off each task as it is completed can help you gain a sense of accomplishment.

6. Prioritize Family Time: Friends and family are typically our greatest encouragers. Don’t hesitate to take your vacation time to reconnect with these individuals, they will help you work through your stressors and remember what is truly important. They can help you put your troubles into perspective, as they have the unbiased view of an outsider.

In this day and age, mental health is a top priority and employers are taking note. If you are feeling the stress of your work, discuss it with your supervisor, your Human Resources team, or a licensed healthcare professional.

The National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations can be a great resource for recruiting firms and their employees. Feel free to contact us to take advantage of these resources and help your firm and its employees run smoothly and successfully. 

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