Going Locum: Why More Physicians Are Making the Switch

Physicians of all ages, experience levels, and practice areas can benefit from Locum Tenens work. Now, more doctors and other medical professionals are making the switch and enjoying the numerous advantages of going Locum. Working in the medical field no longer means sacrificing work-life balance to get the career you want.

In fact, 78 percent of residents and fellows, 63 percent of solo practice physicians, 64 percent of salaried physicians, and 68 percent of retired physicians said they would consider Locum Tenens opportunities. Furthermore, up to 90 percent of healthcare organizations used Locum Tenens physicians within the last year, making it a highly demanded occupation. The reason for the interest in Locum Tenens work is due to the many benefits, including:

1. Better Financial Outcomes

Recent studies have found that Locum Tenens physicians can earn up to 50 percent more than their traditional counterparts. This is an excellent benefit for new physicians with student loan payments, retired physicians who are still looking to earn an income, or current physicians who simply want to make more money or supplement their current income.

2. Increased Experience

Few things make physicians more attractive to healthcare organizations than diverse work experience. With Locum Tenens work, physicians can gain an understanding of nearly any area of practice in any location without taking on a long-term commitment. This experience can lead to future job opportunities and increased physician satisfaction.

3. Improved Work-Life Balance

No career in the medical profession is more flexible than Locum Tenens work. Locum Tenens organizations will help physicians create a schedule of work assignments that is amenable to their desired lifestyle. This leaves more time for physicians to pursue their own hobbies or to spend time with their loved ones. Furthermore, Locum Tenens physicians do not have to deal with the logistics or politics that are typically associated with full-time practice. This creates a stress-free environment, where doctors can focus on gaining experience and improving patient health.

No matter where you are in your career, Locum Tenens work can provide you with numerous benefits. Whether you choose Locum Tenens full-time or as a supplement to your career, you will experience the advantages associated with this rewarding work. For more information, please contact the National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations.

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