NALTO Vendor Members


Company Name Industry Phone Email
Advance Partners
Kim Macek
Provider of financial, operational and strategic support to independent staffing firms 216-831-8900 [email protected]
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co
Trey Hutchins
Comprehensive Insurance Solutions 281-674-1437 [email protected]
Bowstring Advisors
Dave Phillips
  904-292-9305 [email protected]
CLS Healthcare Liability Specialist -
Mark W. Ledger
We are the #1 writer of locum tenens companies in the country for medical malpractice insurance. 713-501-2441 [email protected]
Cohn & Dussi, LLC
John J. Dussi
Law Firm specializing in the preparation and enforcement of contracts, collection of accounts receivable including workouts, civil litigation and arbitration relating to Locum Tenens Industry. 781-494-0200 x 215 [email protected], LLC
Laura Fitzsimmons is the premiere physician/physician assistant job board. 715-302-8881 [email protected]
Locum Jobs
Oliver Feakins
Online job site and employment portal for locum physicians and advance practice providers. 877-696-7482 x 101 [email protected]
Alison Inga is an online platform dedicated to connecting employers to physicians. With nearly 35,000 active job postings in over 100 healthcare specialties, is a leading source for both employers and physicians. 888-501-8648 [email protected]
Dante Prinzo
Cloud-based payroll and HR solutions 518-348-8590 [email protected]
Ken Allman
Online Physician Job Board 800-776-8383 [email protected]
Sheridan Insurance Group, LLC
Tim Sheridan
Focused on the professional liability insurance needs of the Locum Tenens industry 866-578-3161 [email protected]
Travelers Haven
Jordan Epstein
Travelers Haven is one of the country’s largest short-term housing providers for the healthcare industry. The tech-enabled, full-service housing firm manages every aspect of the rental process, from searching to billing, to save you and your providers time, money, and stress. 877-592-9444 [email protected]
Kym Hoppers
Insurance and Risk Management Solutions for the Healthcare Industry. 800-732-8619 [email protected]