Know Before You Go: Preparing for a Locum Tenens Assignment

Whether you’re a seasoned locum tenens physician or you’ve just accepted your first contract opportunity, proper preparation is key to a successful assignment. The following is suggested for all providers to consider before their next start date:

  • EHR

One of the reasons doctors are drawn to locum tenens is the opportunity to get back to basics, and practice medicine in a way that sheds many of the bureaucratic obstacles faced by their full-time counterparts. However, a healthcare facility’s electronic health records (EHR) system is still part of the job that everyone shares. For any locum tenens provider, unfamiliarity with the EHR often equates to the largest time-waster they’ll encounter on any given assignment. Ask your recruiter about the system used by the facility you’re about to walk into, and make sure this administrative duty is not the pain point that stands in your way from quality time with patients.

  • Wellness

What’s your game plan to focus on your overall wellness away from home? How will you continue to adhere to your commitment to a healthy diet and steady exercise regiment that alleviates stress while on the road? Staying true to how your center yourself, both mind and body, while you’re away on assignment is vital. Where will you run each morning? What book will you read? What will you eat? Or is your locum tenens assignment instead, the perfect opportunity for you to begin such a wellness plan?

  • Travel & Logistics

Make sure your itinerary is in order and you understand every aspect well ahead of time. This includes how you initially travel to your assignment from home, as well as the information required to access the facility in order to show up early on the day you begin. Will you require a rental vehicle with GPS? Will you need a permit for parking? Do you have any special requests regarding your housing or hotel accommodations? Are you familiar with your staffing firm’s reimbursement process? Think about these questions and any others you may want to ask your recruiter before you hit the road, so that you can focus on the job at hand during your assignment.

  • One Contact

Physicians are best served with one primary point of contact at their locum tenens staffing firm, responsible for managing their relationship daily in conjunction with the healthcare facility. Keep this contact information handy throughout the duration of your trip. You’ll undoubtedly have other questions and potentially unforeseen challenges, so simplify your communications with the firm who represents you. It’s their job to quickly reply to your requests, remove any obstacles you encounter and provide you the best possible customer experience as a locum tenens physician.

Our next blog will focus on how the facility can best prepare for their next locum tenens provider. For more information on practicing locum tenens, visit today.

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